• What is Name Tactic?
    Name Tactic is a small Swiss domaining service, launched in January 2009. It is a private initiative of its founder, Jean-Francois Mayer. Name Tactic sells quality domain names at moderate and medium prices.

    For any firm, group, association, and even for many individuals, owning the right domain name has become a key issue: today, it is mandatory to be present on the Web. It is the way to reach a wider audience, and it is central to any public strategy. In some cases, it is useful to own several domain names, related to various products or fields.

    Our customers can find on our website a selection of carefully chosen domain names offered for sale.

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  • Are all domain names in your portfolio listed on this website?
    No, they are not: actually most of them are not (yet). More will be added from time to time or sold on domain name marketplaces.

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  • If I buy a domain name, where should I have it registered?
    If you want a domain name to remain your property, you need to pay a yearly fee, which is usually quite reasonable, but can vary from one extension (e.g. .com, .net, .org, .info, .co.uk, .us, .tv...) to another, and also from registrar to registrar. The payment can be done for several years in advance (usually up to 10 years). Each extension is under the supervision of a registry; in most cases, you don't pay the registration and renewals directly to the registry, but to a registrar of your choice. Some registrars offer only a few extensions, other ones dozens of them.

    In case you do not already have an account with a registrar, you should first open one: very easy to do, and no need to have a domain first. Among US-based registrars, Name Tactic recommends especially Dynadot, NameSilo and Uniregistry.

    In case you buy an already existing domain name from Name Tactic or from another domaining service, it might be a good idea to open an account with the same registrar as the seller, which will allow in many cases a fast push rather than a transfer. Then, usually after a 60 days waiting period, you will easily be able to transfer the domain name yourself to the registrar of your choice. In order to know where a domain name is registered, most registrars offer a Whois allowing you to see information data on the name and its owner. Otherwise, you can check it on sites such asWhois Source or Whois-Search.

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  • If I buy a name from NameTactic, how much will it cost?
    The prices we expect for selling our domain names can be very different from one to another. Some of them are coveted domain names, costing much more than a newly-registered domain name. Every year, a number of domain names are sold for hundreds of thousands dollars. Every week, you ca see domains sold on marketplaces for tens of thousands or thousands of dollars. In case you are curious to know, please check a website where you can find the latest available data on domain sales (remember that some of the highest sales are never published). During the second week of January 2009 (most recent information available at the time those FAQs were written)BoutiqueHotel.com was sold for US $ 40,000, Slots.eu for € 24,000, CaptchaCreator.com for US $ 30,000, 360.org for US $25,500. Those are only a few instances of sales as they can be found every week. (And remember January 2009 was a period of rather low sales...)

    Fortunately, you will be able to find on this website many domain names sold at much, much cheaper prices! The cheapest ones are sold at fixed prices, for amounts in the US $1000 to US $ 250 range. For most names, Name Tactic is waiting for your offers: we will tell you if we consider such offers as reasonable (in which case we might accept the price you offer to pay) or if we expect to sell at a higher price. Obviously, within reasonable limits, Name Tactic is always open to negotiating a price.

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  • The price you expect is too high!
    Well, it depends very much of what you intend to do with the domain name? What is your project, what do you intend to develop through the use of the domain name? Seen from such an angle, your view might change. There is no absolute measure of the value of a domain name. In some cases, companies have paid hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars for a single domain name. But most of them are sold at much cheaper prices.

    Before accepting or rejecting a price, think: what will the name bring to your image? to your communication strategy? to your business project? How much time will you need for a return on that investment? If your take all those parameters into account, your assessment of the value of a specific domain name will be adequate.

    Remember: in some cases, a domain name is pivotal to a communication campaign, or to the very existence and image of a company. And this does not only apply to for profit companies, but also to a variety of non profit initiatives.

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  • When I buy a domain name from you, does it also include a website?
    No. In a very few cases, we can also offer an existing content – but anyway, such a content will rarely match what the enduser intends to do with the newly-bought name. What is sold is the ownership of the domain name itself. Creating a website and hosting it is then the responsibility of the buyer. There are many website designers and/or managers as well as many existing hosting services, depending upon your requirements.

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  • What are the procedures for buying a domain name listed on this website?
    There are two ways for doing it:

    1) Some domain names are sold directly, without being offered on an external marketplace. If such is the case, once we have agreed upon a price, we will use a professional escrow service. It will receive your payment and we will give it the custodianship of the domain name. The escrow service will then send your payment to Name Tactic and transfer the domain name to your account. Our usual policy is to share transaction costs between both parties, but other arrangements are possible in specific cases.

    2) Some of our domain names are sold on marketplaces. Mostly we are selling them via Sedo. If one of the domain names you want to buy is for sale with Sedo, you will be redirected to a Sedo page. You will see if the price is a fixed one or if you are invited to make an offer. In both cases, you will need to register with Sedo first – it is fast and free. If we agree upon a price, the sale will take place through Sedo, which will act like any other escrow service. (In case Name Tactic considers the offered price as too low, we may decide to send the domain name to auction on Sedo after receiving your last offer: if no other bidder is interested, and provided no reserve price has been set, you will win the domain name at the end of the auction. In case other people bid, it would be your decision to bid more or to give up.)

    As you can see, both ways are simple – and secure.

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  • Do you accept a payment through bank transfer?
    Yes, we do, since it is probably the cheapest way for Name Tactic! But we would then need to get your confirmed payment on our account before starting the transfer to you.

    We usually advise to use escrow services for your safety and our safety, especially for international transactions. Using an escrow service limits the risks of fraudulent transactions and gives peace of mind to both parties. Unfortunately, crooks are also busy in the domain name market...

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  • Do you accept Paypal?
    No, except for a few customers we know well, or in some rare cases for domain names sold at very low prices. Please, don't insist: it is a matter of safety.

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  • Do you accept cheques?
    No, we don't.

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  • Do you accept to act as a broker for me if I want to attempt to buy a domain name from a third party?
    No. We are only selling domain names we own. Moreover, in most cases, unless a domain name belongs to a person who wants to sell it and will be happy anyway to receive your offer without any need for a broker, most owners will just want to keep a domain name, especially if they use it either for private or professional purposes. (Well, if you are willing to offer one million dollars, many might change their mind: but let's assume most of our customers don't have such a budget available!)

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  • That domain name business... is it ethical? Isn't it speculation?
    For the person selling a domain name to you, there may be many reasons to do so. For a domainer (i.e. somebody buying and selling existing domain names), it is an investment. But many domainers do not limit themselves to buying names and selling them at a profit: a number of them develop Web-based projects, but they do not have enough time for all of them. Moreover, they take risks: they buy domain names (often hundreds or thousands over the years), they pay for them prices that are not always cheap, then they need to pay yearly renewal fees for hundred or thousands of domain names, without any certainty to sell them finally – one domain name is sold, while dozens other domain names remain unsold.

    If you take all those factors into account, it will become obvious that (serious and honest) domainers are just investors like any others. Moreover, thanks to them and to their foresight, you may find that very domain name of interest to you: if it would have been bought by a competitor, it is very unlikely you could get it some day. This way, your perception of domainers will probably become more positive and realistic.

    Although the comparison has its limitations, like any comparison, we could compare domain names with real estate. Some properties don't become more valuable over the years – or their value even decreases, and finally they must be sold a t a bargain price. Other properties at top locations gain more value year after year. Everybody who has travelled to various areas of the world over the past 30 years has probably had opportunities to witness cases of pieces of land or houses of which the price has multiplied by 100% or 1,000% in a matter of a few years, due to changing circumstances. Should their owner still sell them at their original value? Nobody would dare to suggest it! Domain names are very similar to such developments in real estate.

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  • If I write to Name Tactic, will you reply promptly?
    It depends. Name Tactic is not a full-time job at this point. Name Tactic's owner is frequently out of coun try for professional purposes, including in areas where Internet access is poor quality. In some cases, you will get an instant reply. In other cases, you may have to wait. Thank you for your understanding if this is the case! (Obviously, pointless messages, advertisements or scams won't get a reply, but be discarded.)

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